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Zip Lines Back Open!

It took longer than we thought to repair the damage after the storms, but they’re back and better than ever! The #1 zip line landing was moved up so it’s easier for beginners. The #3 dual race zip line is even faster! And finally, the “Big Mo” has been nearly doubled in length and renamed to “Super Mo”. It’s now the longest zip line in the state of Alabama at around 1700 ft!


super mo zip start


  • Beth

    May 18, 2015


    Good morning!! I wanted to see if you are open for camping and zip lines? I saw that you would reopen on 6/6 but then I saw the zip lines now open. We'd like to come and camp there weekend after Memorial Day. Thanks!!!

  • Suzanne

    Feb 19, 2017


    Good morning. I would like to make reservations to take myself and my two assistant manager on zip line April 9 around 2:00. Is theirs available?

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