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General Riding and Pricing Information




- New Policy effective 1/1/07! The Ridge has become a private club. Everyone must pay a $5/year membership fee to ride. You will not be able to join until you have a complete wavier form, meaning if your 19 then you need both parents signatures.


- All riders must sign the release form and fully understand the rules and regulations before riding. To save time at check in go ahead and print the forms off, sign, and bring them with you.


- If your under the age of 19 both your guardians will have to sign before you can ride.  This means you may want to print off the form, get the signatures, and bring them with you. You will not be able to ride without the signatures.


- Riders must check-in upon arrival in order to receive an arm band. Arm bands will be checked periodically.


- Helmets Required for all Riders! Unless you have a roll cage and seat belts. Please read all rules here.


- Riding Times:                             Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.


- Rider cost:                            $20.00/day


- Non-Rider/Passenger cost:    $5.00/day


- Riders 8 and under:                  $5.00/day


- Contact us if you have any questions.




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