1. Do not leave your kids unsupervised. We can not be responsible for them.
  2. Riders are responsible for complying with the manufacturer's recommendations for age, weight, number of riders, etc. on a vehicle.
  3. All riders AND visitors must sign-in at the club house before parking their vehicle. Armbands will be checked throughout the day. Anyone riding without an armband will be dismissed.

  4. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY for ALL riders and passengers.

  5. No alcoholic beverages of any kind allowed on property.

  6. Ride on marked trails only. Anyone caught riding on un-marked trails will be suspended immediately with no refund.

  7. One-way routes and speed limits strictly enforced.

  8. Anyone riding while intoxicated or under the influence will be suspended.

  9. No coolers allowed on ATV's.

  10. No littering on trails.

  11. Speed limit 5 mph within the cabin/lodge/campground/parking/pond or other pedestrian areas

  12. Beginner Trails for beginners and parents/instructors only. No fast riding on these trails.

  13. No riding in food plots designated for wildlife conservation.

  14. No riding on paved roads or road shoulders ($200 fine).

  15. Riding only allowed during designated times.

  16. No bike/atv engines started after dark.

  17. Anyone riding in an unsafe manner or creating any damage to property, structures, trees, landscaping, vehicles or other riders will be suspended without refund.

  18. No disposable cans or bottles allowed on trails. Only portable sports bottles, camelbacks, thermoses are allowed.

  19. Members are responsible for the signing in of their guest.

  20. Pets must be kept on a leash or in a pet carrying case at all times.

  21. You are solely responsible for selecting the trails that are within your riding ability and assume all risks resulting from your trail selection.

  22. Do not leave your kids unsupervised. We can't be responsible for them.

Violation of any of these rules will result in immediate (and/or permanent) dismissal.

I the undersigned hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the above listed rules and regulations and do hereby agree to abide by them.

 Signature: _________________________           Date: _________________________


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